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BackStage View Office in 2010

The Ribbon contains the set of commands for working in a document, while the Microsoft Office Backstage view is the set of commands you use to do things to a document.


The Backstage view is where you manage your documents and related data about them, such as create, save, and send documents, inspect documents for hidden metadata or personal information, set options such as turning on or off AutoComplete suggestions, and more.


The Backstage View consists of several areas, and which area opens when the File tab is clicked depends on the current state of the application.

The actions that were previously available from the File menu (Office 2003) are now in the Backstage View. Actions such as saving a file, printing or opening a previously saved file are all available directly below the File tab.


The Backstage View also provides the following functionality:

Print Preview
The Print Preview is available by clicking on the Print area in Backstage View. The Print Preview will show up on the right side of the screen. Also available from the same view are the print settings and printer selection.

The major benefit is that any changes made to print settings are automatically reflected in the Print Preview. In previous versions of Office, changing print settings would require closing and opening the Print Preview to update the preview with your new settings.


Save & Send
E-mailing a document through Outlook can be done from Save & Send area.
1.       Click Save & Send
2.       Under the Send Using E-mail options select one of the following:
      Sent as Attachment
      Send a Link
      Send as PDF
      Send as XPS
      Send as Internet Fax (must have service provider)
3.       When the email message window displays, complete the To, Subject and Message.
4.       Click Send.


The number of recent files in Office 2010 has been increased to a maximum of 50. More importantly perhaps is that frequently accessed documents can now be pinned to the top, which means they remain in the Recent list until they are unpinned, regardless of how many other documents are opened.


The Info area lists information about the current file and is also used to modify the file properties, such as author information, title, keywords, etc.

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