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Quick Tip February Support/FAQ

Categories & Color Coding Emails & Appointments

You can color code your calendar appointments or emails by using colored Categories. For example, you are able to make appointments one color and meetings another color. The color serves as a visual clue for you. Emails can be colorful too using Categories.

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Applying Color by Category: New Appointments

This option can be used for new Appointments or ones that have already been created.


Create a new Appointment OR Double click an existing Appointment to open it. The Appointment dialog box appears.


From the Appointment tab, in the Options group, click Categorize; select the desired Category or color. If you have used this Category before, the Category and color are applied to the Appointment. If you have never used this Category before, the Rename Category dialog box appears.


If the Rename Category dialog box appears, to proceed without renaming the Category, click NO. The color is applied to the Appointment.

If the Rename Category dialog box appears, to rename the Category,
In the Name text box, type the new name
Click YES. The color is applied to the Appointment and the Category is renamed.


To place this Appointment in an additional Category, repeat steps 3-4
Click Save & Close 


Applying Color by Category for Emails
With the Email sitting in your Inbox or in another folder, right mouse, under the Categories column to find your choices of Categories to select.


Removing a Category
Right click the Appointment, select Categorize, choose Clear all Categories. If you open the appointment, right click on the Category bar in the appointment. This example appointment has 2 Categories shown below & I clicked on one of them.


Right mouse click the Email under the Categories column and Clear All Categories.


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