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CompuSkillz Training is locally owned and operated in Independence, Ohio and services the Northeast Ohio area and its surrounding communities, with an enthusiastic and talented staff dedicated to providing quality training. Let us help you reach your goals. Whether it be IT certifications or becoming more proficient with Microsoft Office, we provide the tools every individual needs to succeed.


CompuSkillz ensures the skills learned by our students are up-to-par with industry standards by creating a quality learning environment geared toward the success of the student. Our learning model is backed by adult learning principles and has been tested for success. This success means not only preparing our students with just “test preparation,” but helping our students build a solid education that enables the student to apply their skills in today’s work environments. Classes are hands-on and instructor-led.


Many “standard” training providers rely heavily on lecture-based training or self-study methods. At CompuSkillz our instruction method is designed to ensure students retain the information they are learning. Students learn in hands-on, instructor-led classes, and can reinforce information with online review courses, practice exams, and a variety of student resources.

Individual Approach to Education

CompuSkillz Training specializes in providing individuals and organizations with the technical skills necessary to succeed professionally. We offer a wide range of technical training for Microsoft© and CompTIA© as well as, a large selection of Microsoft© and Adobe© courses designed to increase productivity for the end user.

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Now offering desk side support for all your training needs!

Most computer problems occur at a specific user's desktop. Solving these problems quickly is critical to keeping your employees happy and productive. We offer desktop support depending on your needs. Desk-Side Support is a fast and economical choice when you have a technical or semi-technical person in your office.




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